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      產品型號:FH, FHS, FHA, TFH, TFHS, HFH, HFHS, HFHB, TPS、FH4...



      Concealed Head - Types CFHA, CFHC, CHA, CHC

      concealed_headPEM self-clinching concealed-head studs install permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as this as .062" / 1.6mm to provide strong and reusable threads for mating hardware in a wide range of thin-metal assembly applications.

      PDF Download Bulletin CH

      Flush-Head - Types FH, FH4, FHA, FHP, FHS

      flush_head_studsAvailable in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, PEM standard flush-head studs are designed to be installed in sheets as thin as .040" / 1 mm. 

      PDF Download Bulletin FH

      Flush-Head, Low Displacement - Types FHL, FHLS

      flush_head_low_displacementFlush, low-displacement head studs install closer to the edge of a sheet than PEM Types FH/FHS studs without causing that edge to bulge.

      PDF Download Bulletin FH
      Heavy Duty, Non Flush - Types HFH, HFHB, HFE, HFHS

      heavy_dutyHeavy Duty studs are designed with an enlarged head diameter which projects above the sheet metal and provides maximum pull through in sheets as thin as .040" / 1mm

      PDF Download Bulletin FH

      High Tensile Strength, Non Flush - Types HF109, HFG8

      high tensile strength studs Heavy duty high tensile strength studs are manufactured for the most demanding applications from medium carbon alloy steel, then heat-treated to high strength and hardness qualities.

      PDF Download Bulletin FH

      Thin Sheet, Non Flush - Types TFH, TFHS
      thin sheet studsThin sheet studs are for sheets as thin as .020 inches / 0.51 mm. They may also be used in thicker sheets where flush head studs are not required. TFH studs are installed in the sheets in the same manner as flush-head studs; however different punches and anvils are required.

      PDF Download Bulletin FH

      Unthreaded, Flush - Types TP4, TPS, TPXS

      unthreaded pinsFlush-head pilot pins satisfy a wide range of positioning, pivot, and alignment applications. The chamfered end makes mating hole location easy.

      PDF Download Bulletin FH

      Installs Into Stainless - Types FH4, FHP, TP4

      flush head studsOne of the very basics of self-clinching is that the fastener must always be harder than the host sheet to ensure proper and permanent installation. Threaded types FH4, FHP and unthreaded type TP4 are specifically designed for installation into stainless steel sheets as thin as .040'" / 1 mm.

      PDF Download Bulletin FH

      Micro, Self-Clinching - Type MPP?

      MPPType MPP, self-clinching micro pins are ideal for today's compact electronic assemblies. They can be installed into a variety of sheet materials up to HRB 92 / HB 195 in hardness and they offer excellent corrosion resistance.

      PDF Download Bulletin MPP

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